brand on fire consulting

Successful brand partners in research and consulting since the year 2000.

brand on fire has been implementing projects in partnership with K.horns GmbH from Hamburg since 2006. By integrating K.horns into the agency group as brand on fire POS Beratungs-GmbH in 2014, a long courtship finally became official – and with the shared location of Hamburg, this continued to intensify. For brand customers, the close interaction of the company segments opens up a huge expansion in expertise: shopper insights are generated with a practical orientation in studies – now with the aid of our own solution ‘VR INSIGHT’. The focus is always on the question to be answered and the appropriate method is then assigned to it. During consulting, this knowledge flows into the corresponding plans and recommendations. The advertising agency is established on this foundation of research and consulting and translates the preliminary work into creative concepts and solutions.

Shopper insights

We draft and implement the full range of shopper research for you. From the tactical online test to the comprehensive basic shopper study. Mapping out the core research questions, developing the working hypotheses and assigning the appropriate methods always form the basis of the work. We always ensure the relevance of the results and recommendations in the outcome – we work from practical experience for practical application with a highly operational focus.


Our consulting unit is your strategic partner in sales optimisation and category management. Here, we focus on devising the individual category management strategy and designing the ideal processes for generating performance at POS. In both cases, comprehensive due diligence is conducted at the outset and implementation within the company takes place based on a clear plan. We often act as a coach to support our clients’ teams and ensure the quick and comprehensive acquisition of knowledge.

Virtual reality

With VR INSIGHT, we offer you the leading platform on the market for shopfitting, space planning, research and communication in virtual reality. All classic shopper research indicators are recorded and evaluated in a highly immersive shopping environment with fully interactive capacity. The quality of the insights facilitates their direct translation into implementable POS solutions. In the first year following the unit’s founding, the outstanding performance of VR INSIGHT was recognised with the ‘Best Supplier Retail 2020’ reta award by EHI.

Organisational development

The integration of processes into the organisation is becoming a key factor in the success of many implementation projects. We support this necessary transformation process in a variety of ways. Team development, the introduction of agile project structures – usually also cross-functionally – and the incorporation of central strategies in the form of goal-oriented employee discussions are elements of our holistic approach. We support your teams in the ongoing development of sales excellence.