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Contact person, Unit 1 & 3 | Matthias Wirges

In 2003, Matthias Wirges founded brand on fire in Wiesbaden and remains one of your two main contacts in the brand on fire Werbeagentur. Please also contact him directly about brand on fire Digital and the software products at: matthias.wirges(at)brand-on-fire.de.

Contact person, Unit 1 | Linda Vennemann

Linda Vennemann has been at brand on fire since 2007 and helped build the advertising agency. She has been responsible for the operational business and project management of Unit 1 for a few years now as managing director, customer service, and is the central contact person in this role. You can reach Linda at: linda.vennemann(at)brand-on-fire.de.


Contact person, Unit 2 | Kristian Horns

Kristian Horns has been self-employed since 2000 and made a name for himself with K.horns GmbH in the field of category management and sales excellence in particular, before K.horns GmbH became brand on fire Beratung in 2014. He is your contact for any queries regarding consulting, market research and VR INSIGHT. You can reach Kristian Horns directly at: kristian.horns(at)brand-on-fire.de.