brand on fire digital

Digital transformation in marketing

brand on fire Digital is not a classic digital agency. Others certainly understand more about digital campaigns and social media strategies. Yet we are at the forefront when it comes to the development of high-performance solutions for the digital transformation of marketing processes. While algorithms have long defined daily life in many areas, numerous marketing processes still have the same low levels of automation as they did 20 years ago. Our mission is to change this and to offer our customers practical and tangible digital solutions. Alongside our SaaS products ARTCHY and BONGO, we also take care of the digital expansion of agency projects – programming microsites and landing pages, for example.

Sales receipt verification in seconds

We don’t think it is in keeping with the times to make customers wait a day for feedback following the upload of a photo of their receipt during promotions. This is why we invested more than two years of development time in BONGO and developed a high-performance engine that reads your shoppers’ photos within seconds and provides immediate feedback on participation.

BONGO case study

You can see how BONGO works from the perspective of promotion participants in the video about the ‘Design Your FriXion’ promotion by PILOT PEN. Here, shoppers are not forced to wait following the successful upload of their receipt, but rather are directed to the personalisation of their pen immediately. So the smart personalisation promotion is optimally supported by technology and shoppers are able to participate simply and quickly.

The digitisation of marketing processes

With ARTCHY, marketing and sales divisions can create communication designs in agency quality. Whether sell-in documents, online banners, advertisements or international roll-outs with language adaptations: the high-performance software can be operated intuitively, is extremely fast, marks the end of sloppy mistakes and even completes the final artwork. The best thing about it is: ARTCHY is much better value than your in-house graphics department or agency!

ARTCHY case study

ARTCHY can optimise almost all artwork processes that are not associated with creativity. Whenever it concerns layout adaptations, the software is considerably better, much quicker and far better value than any agency. In the examples provided, you will see how ARTCHY creates perfect sell-in documents within a matter of seconds that can be sent directly as print data via the integrated content management system.

Landing pages and fulfilment

It is often the case in BONGO projects that we are asked to deliver a promotion from a single source: from the design to uploading the receipt and the landing page to storage, logistics and the processing of cashback. We are very happy to implement the full project alongside our agency and program all required front- and back-end components.