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Your full-service creative partner in shopper and customer marketing

We have been supporting brands in POS marketing very successfully both nationally and internationally since 2003. Here, we consider it important to approach this holistically: we want to develop brands at the POS, give them character and approachability, and make them tangible for shoppers. The role of the point of sale is still frequently underestimated, and yet this is often the main contact point between people and a brand. Our mission is to drive marketing at the POS, as well as shaping and further developing brands here. In the process, we are continually seeking new solutions, new technologies and especially emotional communication concepts. Thanks to our close integration of research and consulting, we keep both feet firmly on the ground when it comes to the reality of retail. We are experts in stationary retail: whether food retail, DIY, C&C, department stores or beverage retail, chemists, catering, or the out-of-home market – we support your brand securely and highly reliably through all channels right up to specialist trade. And we are there for you at the ePOS, too, expanding promotions to digital sales channels and social media. We believe in the marketplace as a social space and want to get your brand in shape for the stationary transformation to come over the next few years. Of course, we also want to be highly successful in gaining market shares and generating uplift with you. But we believe in the sustainability of success. In the success that comes about as a result of carefully considered strategy and sophisticated concepts – and not bought at a heavy price with discount battles. We are fired up for this and want to demonstrate to you each and every day that we are the best agency for you when it comes to holistic POS marketing. 

Lead agency experience

We have been supporting a whole host of brands as the lead/exclusive agency since 2013. This special status involves our being involved in the planning, proactively proposing projects and measures, and developing guidelines for below-the-line use, for example. This budget responsibility is a particular honour for us, and we sincerely thank our brand partners, some of whom have placed their complete trust in us for many years now.

Shopper marketing

Shopper marketing is the centrepiece of our agency work. Regardless of where you buy your consumer goods, you are certain to come across our promotional activities, POS campaigns, experience displays or packaging designs. Based on shopper insights, we develop outstanding solutions right along the shopper journey that are frequently presented as best practice and copied.

Trade marketing

We are a highly experienced and reliable partner in trade and customer marketing. Thanks to thousands of successful sell-in projects, we know the requirements of buyers and market leaders in chain store retail just as well as the quirks of chemists and caterers. From the sell-in story and KAM presentation to local newspaper ads and the (digital) sales folder, we support you at all levels with robust concepts and inspiring creation.

Category management

We are the ideal creative partner for category management divisions. Since 2004, we have been regularly designing, creating and producing category concepts and visions, customer flow systems, planograms, and trade fair stands. Commercialising shopper studies with the aid of films, presentations or sales literature also forms part of our work. In close collaboration with the consulting unit, we thereby offer you full-service support from consulting to research to creative implementation.

POS marketing

We are deeply committed to making brands three-dimensional. How a brand looks in an advertisement, on the TV or online is generally precisely defined. But how you develop a shop system, gondola head or long-term secondary placement is often less well defined. In the process, brand showcasing in 3D offers the potential of really striking a chord with people and creating a distinct appearance. We develop not only POS guidelines and outstanding designs for you in 3D; we will also gladly take care of producing the finished result.


Countless awards

We have had trustful working relationships with a whole host of brand partners for more than ten years now and we can honestly say that for us, this is the ultimate distinction. Nonetheless, we are of course delighted to have won countless awards over the years. The Effies for NIVEA and NIVEA MEN and the three display Superstar gold medals for tesa really stand out. Whether Effie, Superstar or POPAI awards – we are very grateful that we are trusted with such fantastic projects that make it possible to produce award-winning work.


Social engagement by conviction

‘We work for people, not for brands’ are not just empty words for us. As a dedicated service provider, we are concerned with making a difference to the lives of those we work with. We are also highly committed beyond our immediate field of influence: since 2007, we have been offering targeted support to a school in Zambia where many AIDS orphans are educated, and pay for the pupils’ essential warm lunches each day. That same year, we switched our operation to alternative energy, which is not just relabelled as green electricity, but is actually ecologically generated locally. And we have had a beehive in the agency garden since 2018, not only housing 50,000 bees, but also supporting local natural cycles.